Havana Club Añejo 15 Year Old

The Havana Club Añejo 15 Year Old is a limited edition for passionate connoisseurs who know how to appreciate the rare and luxurious Cuban rum.

 «The Añejo 15 Year Old has the best of Cuban rum: the excellent quality of the aging process allows the complete absence of alcohol taste and offers an unrivaled softness of tannins and rich fruity aroma».  Don José Navarro, Primero Maestro Ronero.

The Havana Club Añejo 15 Year Old produced in limited quantities - only 58 barrels per year - through a blending process and repeated aging from selected rums and aguardiente in oak barrels.

The name "Añejo 15 Year Old" means what you hold in your hands is a wonderful final mixture, which is produced from selected rums aged for at least 15 years.

Site: www.havana-club.gr